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North American Culture Program II

The Outstanding Teenager Leadership Foundation (OTLF) launched a virtual program with more exciting content and richer forms of cultural exchange activities from July 17th to August 14th, 2022, after successfully holding the summer English teaching program in 2021. The course’s participants primarily consist of teenagers from China aged 12 to 18. Two mentors from the OTLF Foundation (former Ontario Minister of Science and Technology/Higher Education, Chief Scientist Dr. Reza Moridi, and Royal Canadian Academy of Sciences academician, University of Toronto Professor Dr. Milica Radisic) visited the virtual classrooms and initiated thought-provoking discussions. 

The foundation members acted as lecturers, covering finance, debate, art, environmental protection courses, and much more. The program has effectively improved the participants’ English speaking skills through cultivating global thinking and promoting cultural exchanges between Chinese and Canadian youths. Lots of positive feedback has been received from satisfied students and delighted parents as the growth in transferable skills such as confidence, teamwork, and creativity were clearly evident.

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