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Affluent Off the Boat

The OTLF team recognizes that growing in a cross-cultural environment offers many challenges to developing teenagers. The organization strives to smooth out this transition by creating a community that can assist those experiencing these hardships. For example, we conducted research projects by youth on “Chinese Immigrants and their Social Lives in Canada” from June to September 2019. By understanding today’s teenagers, their goals, and motivations, the team at OTLF can better understand how to bridge the gap between teenagers and their immediate communities, such as parents and friends, as well as the professional community, including teachers and educational institutions. The organization provides all parties involved the resources to support teenagers in cross-cultural environments to make these tough transitions easier.


OTLF believes that essential actors in the group are immigrant entrepreneurs as they hold influence in the process of informing institutions and policymakers and thus can allow fellow immigrants an easier transition into the market. This research project will determine a way to connect better-developing teenagers into all aspects of society to set them up for a successful future where their contributions will hold importance. Through this project, OTLF plans on devising resources for adolescents and their families to ensure easy transitions are completed. OTLF is honoured to have Dr. Moridi, former Minister of Science and Technology and Minister of Higher Education of Ontario as an honorary mentor and Dr. Tony, a Ph. D candidate, as a project instructor. 

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