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North American Culture Program

OTLF runs the 2021 North American Culture Program with the Chinese youth of Shenzhen, China, from July to August 2021. The North American Culture Program is designed to help Chinese youth from Shenzhen develop control in the language learning process, to use and communicate more effectively and purposefully in the English language, understand various aspects of Canadian culture, and understand why language skills are so vital to them, through a series of English speaking experiences that involve interaction with Western culture. The members of the OTLF foundation taught in groups as teachers and carefully prepared the content of the lectures. Through this program, students explored ideas, feelings, and experiences, comprehended and responded personally and critically to various cultural intelligence, organized ideas and information, enhanced the clarity and artistry of communication, supported each other, and worked together. In just two months, more than 60 middle school students and parents from Shenzhen participated in the program, which was enjoyed by all. OTLF will hold more meaningful learning activities like this in the future to exchange and learn about different cultures in different countries.

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