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Fundraising for UHN

During COVID-19, OTLF held a fundraising event for UHN to protect our heroes against COVID-19 in April 2020. Nine fundraising groups of 41 people were formed, including college students, junior high school students, elementary school students, and a group of parents who gave unconditional support to them. In four weeks, our fundraising group met in zoom meetings, set goals, collected information, exchanged experiences, and brainstormed together. The teenagers demonstrated their time management, communication, problem-solving, and persuasion skills to help each other reach targets more efficiently. On Facebook, Twitter, Wechat, and other social networks, the OTLF teenagers promoted protest donation activities.

In effect, donations after donations poured into OTLF's account, including contributions from listed companies in China. In four weeks, the students raised a total of 371 donations and raised funds of $25,175.72, including 107 donations in Canadian dollars with an amount of $14,490.89 and 264 donations in RMB with an amount of ¥53,764.67. Teenagers and parents in OTLF with purchasing responsibilities actively search for masks and other antipest materials in China and Canada, check the technical parameters, check product quality, communicate purchase prices, and manage logistics difficulties. The 4,000 surgical masks they purchased, 1,000 from China Chengdu Kanghua Biological Products Co., Ltd., and 200 goggles have been sent to University Health Network (UHN). After the event, UHN expressed its sincere gratitude to the youth and parents of the OTLF Foundation for their dedication. This meaningful fundraising event has benefited OTLF members and volunteers. Their experiences and memories will last a lifetime and have added to their personal growth. 

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