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Dr.Milica Radisic

On February 9th, 2020, OTLF was highly honoured to welcome Dr. Milica Radisic to our winter workshop. Dr. Radisic shared her experiences in academia, science, and business throughout her presentation and inspired the OTLF community. Dr. Radisic is currently a Professor at the University of Toronto, the Canada Research Chair in Functional Cardiovascular Tissue Engineering, and a Senior Scientist at the Toronto General Research and Applied Chemistry division. She is a determined and passionate individual who experienced hardships and successes while on her journey; however, her confidence in her abilities allowed her to excel. 


As co-founder of an award-winning company, TARA Biosystems, Dr. Radisic explores matured human-engineered hearing tissues in drug development. Over the years, the company has raised over 11 million dollars. It is currently testing drugs for major pharmaceutical companies that will likely be introduced to the market in the coming years. Dr. Milica Radisic’s presentation was equally enjoyable as it was inspirational. Her final remarks regarding perseverance encouraged the OTLF community to never give up, create opportunities, and pursue their dreams.

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