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OTLF x SickKids

Outstanding Teenager Leadership Foundation has been working alongside SickKids Foundation since the beginning.

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On October 26th, 2019, the Outstanding Teenager Leadership Foundation successfully executed their third annual All For Love 3 charity concert. Each member of OTLF worked tirelessly to ensure the event continued to be as successful as each prior year, and they did not disappoint! In preparation for the concert the OTLF community, both teenagers and their families, attended meetings where the atmosphere was filled with excitement and creative energy. Here, the team devised precise plans for the event, taking into account the areas of strength and weakness from All For Love 1 and 2. OTLF delivered and their determination and passion showed through in the final event. 


This year, OTLF was honoured to have Dr. Reza Moridi and MP Ali Ehssasi as well as PA Robin Martin representing the Ontario Provincial Parliament and Ms. Caroline Huang representing SickKids Hospital at the event. Their continued support has inspired the OTLF community to work harder year after year to run this event and constantly push them to become more involved, passionate and invested in Ontario’s charity sector. Additionally, OTLF extends a thanks to all of their proud sponsors, supporters and performers who attended the event and contributed to the overall success. Year after year OTLF and attendees are blown away by the talent of the performers and recognizes that they are vital to the execution of the event. OTLF is proud to announce that this year the team raised $26, 392.20 for SickKids Hospital and inspired a new generation of teenagers to get involved!

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On October 15th, 2018, the Ontario Teenager Leadership Foundation was honoured to have Mr. Kevin Goldthorp, the president of the SickKids Foundation attend OTLF’s general information session regarding the upcoming event preparation for All For Love 3. The information session began with a general overview of OTLF, its team members, goals and motivations, and then led into a detailed outline of the upcoming event. Mr. Goldthorp was greatly impressed by out progress and gave an honest and encouraging speech expressing his gratitude and appreciation for OTLF’s contribution to SickKids.



OTLF’S Westin Prince Art Auction is the second event put on by the foundation after receiving incredible feedback from supporters including MP Ali Ehsassi, and an overwhelming final total from the All For Love Concert. The event layout was similar in style to the concert. OTLD had 200 attendees and over 40 volunteers. They successfully raised $17,000 for the SickKids Foundation, and were contacted by several institutions for their success.



OTLF organized a fundraiser in support of the SickKids Foundation at the Edward Garden Hotel in North York where the team raised a total of over $5,000. The event included dance performances as well as musical performances by the teenagers involved. Funds were raised through raffle ticket sales, an onstage art auction, a silent auction and through additional donations from supporters. MP Ali Ehsassi attended the event to show his support and enthusiasm for OTLF

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